Renowned for quality and consistency, the Levington professional peat-based growing media range has been further improved – including the addition of a new nutrition package as standard - and re-launched as ‘Levington Advance’ by ICL (formerly Everris) at the Four Oaks Trade Show.

“As standard, all Levington Advance products now include our new Start n Gro base fertilizer as well as Micromax Premium,” explains Dr Jim Smith, ICL technical manager for growing media. “Providing a full trace element package, Micromax also helps safeguard crops from magnesium deficiency, an increasing problem on UK nurseries due to changing grower practices.

“The portfolio has been expanded with the addition of four Levington Advance Bloom products. Specially designed for the pot and bedding market, these combine Levington Advance with our Osmocote Bloom controlled release technology to maximize yields. There are formulations suited to packs, small pots, autumn production or all other bedding crops.”

To aid wetting up and water conservation, H2Gro is now routinely added to all Levington Advance products.

“Growers are looking for high performance and consistency from their growing media year on year,” says Dr Jim Smith, ICL technical manager for growing media. “Growing media is only as good as its raw materials and the skill of the team producing it. ICL has its own supply of high quality UK peat, as well as sources of equivalent quality imported peats. All stocks are carefully graded and blended at our state-of-the-art production facilities at Nutberry, in Dumfries and Galloway. We have continuously invested in the Levington brand for over 50 years.”

These new Levington Advance products are due to be phased in over the coming year. Looking ahead to 2016, ICL plans to incorporate a new improved wetting and water conservation agent and is currently trialling several biostimulants aimed at promoting good plant health.

The new improved Levington Advance range of proprietary peat based growing media mixes compliments Levington Advance Solutions (ICL’s new bespoke growing media mixing package) and Levington Advance Sustain (the new high performance peat-free range).