A comprehensive new growing media solutions package – Levington Advance Solutions - optimising the design and production of quality customised mixes to suit customers’ individual requirements was launched by ICL (formerly Everris) at the Four Oaks Trade Show today.

“Due to continuous R&D and investment, over the past 50 years the Levington growing media brand has remained synonymous with quality and consistency,” says ICL’s Adam Ferjani. “Growing has become increasingly technically sophisticated with many growers requiring high performance products tailored to their individual needs – be that crop type, production system, geographical location/ water source or customer specifications. This new package enables growers to design the exact growing media mix they need.”

For simplicity and efficiency, the Levington Advance Solutions package is neatly divided into three areas – grow, nurture and protect – and features new and recent advances in all three areas.

“Grow refers to the growing media structure, adjusted using different peat fractions and diluents including bark, our new Fibagro wood fibre and quality coir, loam and sand,” explains Adam.

“Nurture relates to the precision nutrition element. With the help of ICL’s award winning software tool Angelaweb, a carefully tailored nutrition programme is added to the mix. Growers can select from a comprehensive range of Osmocote controlled release fertilizers, including 4th generation products with longevities and release patterns to suit specific plant type.”

As standard, all Levington Advance Solution mixes now include Start n Gro base fertilizer and recently launch Micromax Premium. Providing a full trace element package, Micromax Premium also helps safeguard plants from magnesium (mg) deficiency – an increasing common problem due to changing UK grower practices.

“Protect is the third and final element of the Levington Advance Solutions package,” explains Adam. “We offer a choice of conventional and biological plant protection products, including Phytophthora protection (PlantTrust) and, thanks to new Exemptor label recommendations, the option of season long vine weevil control.

“ICL remains committed to evolving the Levington brand. With the introduction of Levington Advance Solutions our technical team is working with individual growers to design the very best bespoke high performance growing media mixes, designed to deliver excellent return on investment.”