In comparison to other manufacturing industries, the Dutch horticultural sector is lagging behind in the field of standardized interfaces between business management and operational cultivation processes. According to industry experts, growers and technology providers, this can be explained by the economic situation and the relatively small business size of many growers. The study was conducted by LEI Wageningen UR in collaboration with Tuinbouw Digitaal.

Also, the advantages in relation to the drawbacks and the costs are not always clear. The implementation of integration solutions is perceived as complex and because of the increasing internationalization of the market of suppliers, harmonization and standardization is becoming more difficult.

In order to ensure that connections can still be made, it is important not to place the focus on standardization itself, but on the importance of integration for a modern business, demonstrating the benefits by way of concrete cases and examples and encouraging cooperation within the chain and between the individual links. Also lowering the threshold on the available practical tools and relevant knowledge.

For more information, the From glasshouse to chain report can be found on the website of Wageningen UR.