The geothermal energy station in the Dutch town of Wieringermeer was officially opened on 5 September. Ren van der Horst of spray paint company R. van der Horst was responsible for the painting and coating of all the heating infrastructure. "All the pipes and the well-heads are equipped with a two-component coating," says Ren.

The plant is the largest geothermal energy station in the Benelux, both in power and in the number of wells. The plant can provide 20% of the heat demand of connected greenhouse businesses. For the construction of this power station, heat exchangers have been installed, and four wells have been drilled of 2500 meters each.

Aardwarmte Vierpolders

The Wieringermeer geothermal energy station is not the only geothermal project to involve R. van der Horst. Aardwarmte Vierpolders is another. "We have coated nine filter housings for Vierpolders in the insulating coating, and added a topcoat," says Ren.


Apart from the geothermal projects, business is rather slow in the Netherlands. "Although we have completed a great project at Chrysanthemum nursery Arcadia," says van der Horst. "In addition to spraying and painting of heating pipes and supplying the paint for the do-it-yourself grower, we have also spray-painted the construction of business premises, and painted the siding of a commercial space."

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