There will be no Horti Asia trade show organized in 2016. It was decided not to proceed with the launch of the Vietnam edition of the Horti Asia, as the organization felt uncomfortable about the launch of an event that would not meet with the desired quality. "The financial investment of exhibitors would not have resulted in a high-enough ROI for them," stated VNU Exhibitions.

Over the last 4 months, VNU Exhibitions has tested the market concept and interviewed 45 local experts and global leaders. "We learned a lot about the industry and on how to improve the quality of Horti Asia for 2017. However, at this point we are happy not to have wasted the exhibitors time and money for what at best would have been a mediocre show."

VNU Exhibitions said that they must be convinced of the success first, before they will launch a new concept, not the other way around. "When we do announce a show, you can be absolutely sure that we believe in our ability to generate sufficient business for you. Hence, please stay tuned for the re-designed concept Horti Asia 2017 in Bangkok."

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