Agrícola El Rosal, Nature Sweet and Hortalizas Argaman; just a few names of leading Mexican growers that have installed the new gutter spacer system developed by Hydroponic Systems last year. "Since the introduction of our design on the market, we immediately received much interest, apparently there was a big demand for a revised system that would tackle the common disease problems."

The gutter system of Hydroponic System is specially designed for medium-high tech greenhouse operations; a large part of the market in which greenhouses are not equipped with steel hanging gutters. These growers also don't favor growing in the soil, or placing their substrates directly on the floor. "They use low, plastic gutter channels; a system that works well, but is also known for a few problems; the gutters get clogged easily by the roots, and excessive water spills frequently causing algae and fungus on the crops. The water channels and closed gutter systems are often serving as perfect shelter for bacterias and fungus that result in harmful damage to the crop and production."

In order to improve this, Hydroponic Systems has developed a new spacer that keeps the substrate material in a high and dry environment. "Our new hydroponic spacer is 6 cm high, 3.5 cm higher than the current offer," said Vahid Bagheri of Hydroponic Systems. "It is a simple solution that has big influences; a better ventilation between the drainage gutter and the substrate, no more clogging and faster drainage flow. As a result of this, the disease pressure is lowered because less botrytis is formed in a dry environment. This will eventually increase the net yield as well."

Another improvement on the new gutter system from Hydroponic Systems, are the clips to mount the dripper line on the gutter. When leaks, or any errors occur to the dripper line, the gutter will always transport the leaking water away, so no more water is leaking into the greenhouse. Besides this, the dripper line is always stored on a safe spot, and further damage caused by workers is eliminated.

The system guarantees that the roots will not be in touch with the drainage water. This makes it possible to perform gutter disinfection while the crops are producing, in case some undesirable bacteria is detected.

Hydroponic Systems solution are available via local installers and greenhouse supplies companies such as Netafim, Label Pack, Inveco, Richel, Metaliser, Inverca, Rimex, Serretek, Stolze and Plastinver.

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