The hail damage in the Netherlands is worse that first anticipated. According to a survey by several insurance companies, about 50 companies are suffering from severe damage. Some growers have a couple of broken windows, while another company is dealing with 8,000 broken windows.

The damage at pepper grower Van Tuijl in Bommelerwaard is so big, that the grower is forced to stop his season now. It's too dangerous for the workers to be in the greenhouse, as a crew is replacing the broken windows, and much glass is still coming down. On the other hand, there could be small pieces of glass in the peppers, so the grower is forced to take his entire crop out and start all over again.

It's not the first time that growers in this area have been hit by hail; last year a hailstorm also caused severe damage at several greenhouses.

Besides many broken windows, many screen installations are also damaged by the combination of hail, excessive rainfall and the broken glass.