Extremadura's tomato production this year will be 10 percent lower than in the previous campaign, although compared to the average of recent seasons it will be a "normal" volume.

The president of the Association of Cooperatives of Extremadura (Acopaex), Domingo Fernández, explained that between 85,000 and 90,000 kilos will be harvested per hectare, which is a "good harvest." The campaign, already at its peak, is meeting the sector's "expectations," as stated by the head of Acopaex, as the tomato yield is being "ideal."

Although production will be lower this year, the head of Acopaex recalled that "record figures" were achieved in 2014, and "not all campaigns can yield the same results."

"Growers were aware that last year was an exception, and that a return to normal levels was expected this campaign as long as temperatures were not too high," stated Domingo Fernández. After a warm spring, the tomato season has developed under "normal" weather conditions ​​and the absence of prominent storms, which will have an impact on the quantity and quality of the product, said Fernández.

"Tomatoes are a very delicate product," stressed the president of the Association of Cooperatives of Extremadura; "they are not made for the rain, nor for very high temperatures." According to Fernández, this year's production will sell well in the international markets, as 90 percent of the contracts were signed "long ago" with the goal of obtaining competitive prices.

Thus, Extremadura's growers expect international sales this year to remain very similar to those achieved last year, as stated by Domingo Fernández. However, the president of the Association of Cooperatives said that "producers must pay close attention to the situation with the dollar," due to the great impact the currency can have on the market.

Source: eldiario.es