In Bursa’s famous tomato growing region Karacabey, a patisserie is offering tomato ice cream for sale.

Karacabey’s Konak patisserie has been serving the local population for 45 years and has now broken ground with its new flavour for the hot summer days. Chef, Selcuk Eris recently created the tomato ice cream in cooperation with local farmers. Eris explains that he saw the losses farmers were suffering and wanted to show that tomatoes were not just for tomato paste but could be used in other areas as well. “We make a selection of ice creams. Mostly fruit flavours. Our research showed us that no one is making tomato ice cream in Turkey. This is a first. Karacabey was once known for onions. Unfortunately onions don’t have the same importance anymore and farmers turned to the so-called ‘red diamonds’. But this year the farmers have been disappointed. I made tomato ice cream to try and show the farmers that there are alternatives to the tomato paste sector. I think I’ve been successful. The people of our region have appreciated it,” said Eris.

Meanwhile, Governor Yusuf Gokhan Yolcu, Karacabey President of the Chamber of Commerce Naci Guncu and Tax Office Director Ali Kalkan, were the first to try the tomato ice cream. Governor Yolcu congratulated Eris for creating a new taste experience, and Naci Guncu was impressed at his innovation in finding a new use for tomatoes.