Sakir Sirinsoz from Odemis, Izmir, has successfully cultivated tomatoes on the branches and potatoes on the roots of the same plant. Over 10 years, grower Sakir Sirinsoz has cultivated 600 varieties of plants in his orchard, but his “TomTato” or “DomPat” is amazing people.

In April, Sirinsoz planted the tomato plant grafted to the potato rootstock, both tomatoes and potatoes were produced from the same plant. Sirinsoz harvested close to 4 months later; a British agronomist had already achieved this and gave the plant the name “TomTato” or in Turkish, DomPat. 

Both tomatoes and potatoes

According to an article from in May, the "Tomtato" was developed as the result of lengthy research. It stated that the grafting method was developed and the genetically modified plant was submitted to the UK market. The Dompat’s biggest advantage is that two products can be grown at the same time in the same amount of space. Thompson and Morgan, the company that develops the hybrid product also announced that the two vegetables grown from the plants are exceptionally delicious. The company said that when the time comes to collect the tomatoes produced by the plants, the potatoes in the soil can also be removed.