It's been more than 10 years in the making, endured years of controversy and was postponed at the beginning of the month. Last week, the new Epping Melbourne Wholesale Market site finally opened, and things went “surprisingly well”.

Long time relocation critic Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria president David Wallace said the first day of operations went “surprisingly smoothly.”

Fruiterer Vince Brancati had been dreading the move from Footscray to Epping since the relocation was first announced in 2004.

Mr Brancati said there was an orderly queue of buyers from 2am, and the gates opened at 3am. But despite day one kicking off smoothly, Mr Brancati said the biggest challenge would be getting used to the change.

Agriculture Minister Jaala Pulford said the move had been 10 years in the making, and admitted it had been a lot of work and involved a lot of change.

Last month the relocation of the Melbourne Wholesale Market from Footscray Rd to Epping was postponed at the last minute from August 3 to August 31 because several tenants were not ready to move.

“We were assured a four-week delay was long enough to iron out the issues,” Ms Pulford said.