Courgette producers in the province of Almeria have obtained the best average price of the decade and almost doubled that obtained in the previous season, according to estimations by Hortoinfo based on data from the Council of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development of the Government of Andalusia and its Markets and Prices Observatory.

The acreage devoted to courgette cultivation in the province of Almeria in the 2014/2015 campaign has reached 7,500 hectares, 5.4 percent more than in the previous season. A total of 416.39 million kilos (+21.28%) have been produced sold at an average price of 0.81 euros per kilo (+84.1%) and the yield has been of 5.55 kilos per square metre, 13.87 percent more than in the previous season.

Revenue and costs
Growers have obtained a total of 340 million euros from the sale of this vegetable (price at origin), with net profit after deducting production costs of 143.03 million euros. Gross profit per hectare has amounted to 44,970 euros, with a net profit of 19,070 euros.

The cost of production, according to the latest report of the Prices and Markets Observatory of the Government of Andalusia, stands at 2.59 euros per square metre.

A gross profit of 4.5 euros per square metre has been obtained; the net profit after deducting all costs stands at 1.91 €/m² (0.34 euros per kilo).