The bell pepper is doing remarkably well this season. There have been some price drops, but they weren't so serious as to alarm growers. "The holiday period has gone well too," says Benny Cuypers of LAVA. "Even at times when production was rather high, prices were still decent."

Green highest
At the moment, prices are between 1.40 and 2 Euro. This time, green is the top candidate for the highest price. "The yellow ones are 1.40. Red is a bit more expensive, and green has been at 2 Euro in recent days. The reason for this is mostly due to the lower supplies of that colour this week. Sufficient red and yellow is available, and of course green is also needed for the mixes that are made. That contributes to a good price for green." For the time being, Benny sees an optimistic future for the bell pepper. "We still have enough production ourselves, and Spain won't enter the market in the coming weeks either," he explains.

The best?

Asked whether bell pepper has scored best of all greenhouse vegetables in terms of price this season, Benny hesitates. "Bell pepper is doing well this year, but cucumbers have been going well in recent weeks too. In addition, the eggplants have a decent price. That's always the case in the second half of August, when the immigrant population is back again. Lastly, there's a lot of barbecuing going on in the summer of course, and many greenhouse vegetables are popular products."

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