This week, the first bumblebees, produced at the new Agrobío production facility in Antalya (Turkey) were supplied to various tomato growers in the region. The opening of this new production facility by Agrobío gives growers in Turkey quicker access to bumblebees and beneficials.

The Spanish company Agrobío, partly owned by Royal Brinkman, has seen its operations expand considerably over the past years. Agrobío produces bumblebees and beneficials for the horticultural industry. The company is based in Almería in the south of Spain and has recently opened a new production facility in the Turkish city of Antalya. Royal Brinkman Turkey will be responsible for the marketing, sales and distribution activities in Turkey.

Bumblebees are used in the horticultural industry for the pollination of tomato, strawberry, melon, courgette and aubergine. The use of bumblebees in vegetable and fruit is also increasing in Turkey, seeing more advantages compared to mechanical pollinators. Using the natural activity of bumblebees makes growers independent of manual labour.

Bumblebee hives of Agrobío are known as highly active pollinators. Agrobío breeds two types of Bombus terrestris (the large earth bumblebee); a regular and a special summer hive, suitable for use in both glass and plastic greenhouses. An extra ventilation system in the summer version makes them suitable for high-temperature conditions. Agrobío also provides solutions based on the use of bumblebees in outdoor crops. Those hives are protected against climate influences by a special insulated package. Royal Brinkman’s Crop Protection & Disinfection team of six regional specialists, advises and supplies the biological products to growers and distributors. By giving technical advice, crop walking and educating the growers' employees, those specialists can help to reach an even better result.

A joint presentation will be given by Royal Brinkman Tarim and Agrobío at the Growtech EurAsia trade fair (2 to 5 December 2015).

With the new production facilities in Antalya, Agrobío and Royal Brinkman have gained access to the Asian market for biological crop protection and pollination. Royal Brinkman Turkey is ready to support you on service, products and innovations for the horticultural market.

Isabel Santorromán & José Antonio Santorromán (Agrobío) and Tansel Bukulen & Nurfan Akcan (Royal Brinkman Tarim) in front of the new production facility in Turkey.

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