At Roelands Plant Farms in Ontario, the construction of the 4 acre expansion is making serious progress. Production manager Arie Alblas informed us that the structure went up in just three days and that everything will be ready to start the glazing of the roof by the end of this week.

After a long delay, the first expansion of the Canadian young plant propagator is in full swing now. "Greenhouse manufacturer South Essex Fabricating and the building crew from Ruthven Greenhouse Construction, are doing a great job to get everything done just in time," said Arie. "The work is carried out perfectly and there is even tighter planning, we start at sunrise and stop at sunset."

The construction crew are working such long days due to the coming deadline. "The greenhouse needs to be finished, and in operation on November 7. We need the extra 4 acres by that time because we have to complete all the new orders with young plants. The entire production space of the expansion is already fully booked, completely full and sold out!"

This coming weekend the crew will start with the heat distribution pipes, as well as the infrastructure for the irrigation and electricity. The glazing is planned to start next week, and planned to be completed within 4 days.

Jodi and Adrian Roelands together with production manager Arie Alblas in the first 4 acre phase of thepropagation greenhouse.

Last June, I visited Roelands Plant Farms in in Lambton Shores, Ontario when they informed me about their need for more advanced propagation space. This is the first 4 acre expansion, the next expansion (phase 3) is also in the planning. Click here to read this entire article and see the photo report.