By 2050, more than 9 billion people will live on our planet. This fact results in a dilemma: less available agricultural land to produce food for this growing world population. Ultimately, this scenario leads to the overarching question on how to feed this hungry planet. That’s why, from 24-27 August in Canberra, Australia, Bayer and the Australian youth organization Future Farmers Network bring together 100 young thought leaders, aged 18-25, from 33 countries for the Youth-Ag Summit to exchange on the role science and modern agriculture play in feeding a hungry planet.

During the Summit, young leaders connect with each other, listen to inspirational speakers, exchange ideas in breakout sessions and experience agriculture during field trips. They make a pledge to develop local solutions for local conditions and act as agricultural ambassadors in their home countries. 

Taking into account this pressing issue of the growing world population, interactive sessions during the Summit will focus on sustainability, leadership and innovation, largely shaped by the essay topics the delegates handed in during the application phase. 

“We are very pleased to co-host this once-in-a-lifetime event,” says Georgie Aley, Chair of Future Farmers Network. “I believe that young people have so much potential to contribute to solutions on global and local food challenges. We look forward to an open dialogue and to hearing their ideas and perspectives.” 

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