If you are looking at installing new LED lights, it might be very interesting to tap into a $50M grant fund available from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The fund, called Rural Energy for America Program (REAP), provides grants to agricultural entities in both rural and urban settings that implement energy-efficiency improvements or a renewable energy system. Illumitex has taken steps to help current and potential customersto apply for this grant.

Seeing an opportunity to assist contained environment agriculture customers recoup up to 25% of the cost of energy-efficient Illumitex LED lights, Illumitex took steps to ensure the company’s grow lights qualified for REAP.

“Starting up a vertical farm involves a significant capital outlay,” says Illumitex VP of Horticulture Turnkey Lighting Solutions Paul Hardej. “The REAP program, facilitated by our experts, can make a significant dent in these costs.”

To help ensure Illumitex customers’ grants are approved, the company has contracted with grant-writing experts who will work with customers’ c-level managers to develop winning grant applications.

“We encourage all existing and potential Illumitex customers to contact us immediately for assistance in filing grant applications with the USDA,” says Hardej.

The deadline for submitting a grant proposal to the USDA for this cycle is October 31, 2015, and the Illumitex team stands at the ready to help existing and new customers secure grants to help cover the cost of Illumitex’s energy-efficient grow lights.

Innovative vertical farms such as FarmedHere and Green Spirit Farms are using Illumitex LED grow lights to supply Chicagoland customers with fresh kale, lettuce and basil. Progressive university agriculture departments such as the one at Penn State are using Illumitex lights to educate the farmers of the future. And the planet’s largest plant research facility is using Illumitex grow lights in its advanced research labs to learn how to grow more food in more places to meet the needs of an exploding world population.

With innovative urban farmers taking advantage of the USDA’s REAP program and energy-efficient Illumitex LED lighting, more people in more places will have access to fresh and nutritious produce grown close to home, while reducing energy consumption, water usage and “food miles.

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