In a new series of videos, Dutch retail chain Albert Heijn puts growers in the spotlight. Under the name "Check the source of ..." Albert Heijn has started filming growers of radish, Tasty Tom tomatoes, lettuce, blueberries, strawberries, Sweet Eve raspberries and carrots. The videos retrace the route from store to nursery, and the videos are posted on the YouTube channel of Albert Heijn. In the videos, the freshness of the produce is emphasized.

Year round
The retailer has been focusing on fruits, vegetables and growers throughout the year. Several campaigns pay attention to seasonal vegetables and their origin. The TV commercials portray various growers.


More retailers are paying regular attention to the origin of fruits and vegetables. Retailer Jumbo for instance, publishes a growers video every few weeks, though these aren’t part of a specific campaign. Plus, another Dutch retail chain, also pays attention to fruits and vegetables. In spots they give consideration to the Filling or Feeding campaign by television presenter Wilfred Genee.