Energy, once exclusively a cost centre for horticultural and agricultural businesses, has become a potential source of income. Combined Heat and Power (CHP), subsidies for the production of energy through the Renewable Heat Incentive and Feed-in-Tariff, or the smart operation of energy trading can all present attractive investment opportunities. However, which is the best investment?

Energy and finance experts will attempt to answer that crucial question at a workshop on September 23rd. The workshop, which will be run by Farm Energy and sponsored by DONG Energy, will take place at the Chesford Grange Hotel on the afternoon before the annual British Tomato Conference.

The speakers will discuss the many options that face growers or investors who want to take advantage of the current opportunities offered by energy trading, renewable energy technologies and the latest thinking on Combined Heat and Power. Taking into account the economic and political climate, the many compliance hurdles which affect energy systems and the availability of funding, the workshop will clarify the pros and cons of each investment option.

This event is aimed at those who are serious about investing in their energy future, but spaces will be strictly limited, so reserve your place now on the Farm Energy website.