Russian grower Kolomytsev Vasilliy grows cocktail and beef tomatoes in his 18 hectare greenhouse in Kislovodsk, a city in the North Caucasus region of Russia, which is located between the Black and Caspian Sea.

Grower Kolomytsev Vasilliy

Vasilliy has over 20 years experience in growing greenhouse tomatoes and has experience with many varieties. This year, the grower experienced very good yields as a result of taking a closer look at his substrates. "We experienced bad root development in our current substrate, and we realized that it must have something to do with the substrate mix. Eventually we came in touch with a company that provided us with more insight into the root development, they advised us and helped us with the supply of a better substrate, based on a special mix that would enhance the root quality. This mix came from Brown Grow, and our most recent experience with this is that it helped to create a significant better root development of our crop," the grower said.

Vasilliy: "The bag is a Platinum mix slab that has a forty percent air-holding capacity at full saturation. As well as this, the bag provides a stable pH and holds low EC. We started to see good results this season, and so far we have seen an overall better crop. The plants are thriving and show more generative growth. Overall the production is 20% ahead compared to our previous crop, we expect to achieve a production of 50 kilos per square meter this year."

According to Levan Migriauli, Brown Grow's Russian Sales Manager, the Platinum mix is very suitable for vegetable growers like Vasilliy. "Inside the bag there are specially graded crushed coco husk chips and super washed coco fibres, that distribute roots evenly throughout the growing substrate and provides plants with a secure growing environment."

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