For 13 years, Dutch greenhouse grower Piet Grootscholten (70) has been a prisoner in his own home. The former chrysanthemum grower from Poeldijk and his wife Nelly would love to move house, but his house is virtually unmarketable as it is an agricultural residence. The greenhouse near them has been sold, but nowadays nobody wants to live next door to a greenhouse apparently.

The house, after more than forty years of hard work, should really be the couple’s retirement plan, but actually it all turned out differently. The couple is now forced to continue to work to cover the costs.

In a bid to help out people like Grootscholten, Westland municipality, in cooperation with notary office Westland Partners, has released a purchase option. The option is designed to change the lot from a designated commercial and agricultural premises to a residential one. This should make it easier to sell the place.

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