Greenco has opted for Hortilux's new, innovative growing-light concept for its new 9.8-hectare premises in Wieringermeer. The system design includes the latest technologies such as asymmetrical reflectors and the tool for monitoring energy efficiency.

"Greenco chose Hortilux because among other things Hortilux is now able to offer a complete package", said Henk van der Loos of Greenco. At the end of May the Monster-based growling-light manufacturer announced the merger of its activities with those of B&W Installaties. The new company is now trading under the name Hortilux.

From l to r. André Flinterman (Hortilux consultant), Henk van der Loos (Greenco Cultivation Director) and René van der Sar (Hortilux Operational Manager) in front of the Tommies tomatoes premises.

The added value of the new growing-light concept can be found in a system tailor-made for each customer in which the fixtures and electrical installation are optimally geared to each other. The system contains several innovations which will cut Greenco's maintenance costs and enable it to make optimum use of energy and light. At the moment Hortilux is the only company on the market that is able to do this. Hortilux provides everything from engineering, installation and project management to light source and service. 


The reflector technology of the BETA reflector was chosen for the new premises in Wieringermeer. This technology was specially developed to enable light to penetrate far into tall crops. Asymmetrical reflectors will be hung at the side of the concrete path. This innovation will ensure that no growing light is lost as the light will no longer fall on the concrete path. The system design includes, among other things, a tool for monitoring energy efficiency. By responding to anomalies we can increase the yield and the continuity of the entire growing-light installation. Which will generate significant cost-savings for Greenco.

Integrated service

The integration of B&W Installaties means that the growing-light supplier can now offer a total package. Which means that Hortilux can provide customers with integrated service. ‘This adds value for us too in that we can now deal with a single company with a single contact person for the whole growing-light system, from engineering and project management to maintenance,' says Henk van der Loos of Greenco. ‘Another solid reason is that Hortilux is and will remain an innovative company. The price difference compared with competitors is to be found in the innovation costs. This means that we are assured, in the long term too, of the latest insights and technologies.’ 

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