KUBO continues to extend its frontiers and has sold its first Ultra-Clima project in Kazakhstan. On a worldwide scale, the Ultra-Clima greenhouses are already occupying many hectares of the earth’s surface and Kazakhstan is the latest addition. 

The company Greenhouse Kazakhstan LLC, now has two firsts for Kazakhstan. In addition to the company building the first Ultra-Clima greenhouse in this country, the first combined heat and power units in the country’s horticultural industry will be installed here.

This greenhouse will serve to grow tomatoes, realizing a total surface of 9.4 hectares at once. Of the total crop, 5.2 ha will be grown with lights and 3.2 ha will be uconventional without lights. The remainder of the surface will be used as a packaging hall and propagation greenhouse.

KazAgroFinance has purchased the greenhouse and the customer will lease it. In addition to the complete interior of the greenhouse, the delivery of the project comprises management and cultivation support from ClimaConnect for the first few years of the project. 

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