With industry expert Ralf Schilling as its new sales manager, the German substrate producer Kleeschulte is stepping on the gas. The highly experienced 47-year-old will be focusing on marketing the ecologically valuable Kleeschulte substrate line, the first of its kind in Germany to advertise its carbon footprint. He also aims to ramp up sales of the sustainable substrate fibre topora®. Before joining Kleeschulte, Ralf Schilling was Sales Manager at Lorenz von Ehren, Floragard and toresa.

“With its environmentally-friendly soils and substrates, Kleeschulte is deeply impressive, authentic and a truly strong performer. It is constantly innovating and its product pipeline is very well stocked going forward. The company is doing things now which a lot of market participants still have to learn,” Ralf Schilling enthuses. As an industry specialist, he knows the soil segment inside out and is looking forward to selling high-value, sustainable soils and substrates.

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