Many people have holidays, but that does not apply to many of the team at Voorwinden Groep . “Clients cannot afford to take off and therefore we have to continue as well,” a spokesman from the company said. "Besides, it is not just the European market we serve. There are about ten ongoing projects worldwide we cannot just abandon."

"Because distances are long, this requires good and tight organization," says Henk Verbakel. For example: the company is building 1100 m² for Bayer in North Carolina, 48,000 m² for Pepperco in Coldwater, Michigan, 15,120 m² for Bushelboy in Owatonna, Minnesota and 8,757 m² for Freeman Herbs in Beamsville, Canada. Across the pond, the company is finishing a 46,122 m² large construction in Tunisia, as well as large projects in Belgium and Vienna.

In order to meet tight planning deadlines, the Voorwinden Groep has invested in machinery and staff. The machinery has recently been expanded with 2 large Manitous and 5 construction platforms, whichwere renovated in the company’s own workshop. With the additions, the company has reached a milestone of exactly 100 machines. This development requires more attention for maintenance and therefore the company has also expanded its service team to 3 full-time employees. In this way the company hopes to offer technical repair service world wide."

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