In recent months at ULMA Agricola they have been developing several Arin type greenhouse facilities in several zones of the Caribbean, Africa and equatorial America. This structure is also known as a tropical structure because it is designed to meet the needs of these geographical regions with warm climates and high relative humidity.

ULMA Agricola is experiencing high demand and good results thanks to the vast volumes and excellent ventilation offered by this model, mitigating the effects of high temperatures and humidity in cultivation, thus obtaining optimal development.

Based on the design of the Multicapilla Gotico G9 greenhouse structure, this one is different due to its 4-metre modulation and has roof-top ventilation that allows continuous and greater air renewal inside the greenhouse and the incorporation of balconies on the sides to minimise the “edge effect” and strengthen the structure, thus obtaining a light, strong and reliable structure.

The structure of the Arin greenhouse can be used for both projects with and without crop loads. Greenhouses without crop loads are considered to be those dedicated to crops that do not require support from the structure (flowers, leafy vegetables, baby leaf, etc.).

If an installation with crop loads is required (tomato, pepper, cucumber, etc.), the grating is added to suspend the crop and the sides with braces.

For the covering, the most usual option in these cases is to use plastic for the roof and mesh in the perimeter such that the crop is protected and a high rate of air renewal is allowed. In some cases roll-up plastic has been installed over the mesh of the perimeter.

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