Sainsbury’s is now stocking 100% British Red and Green chillies, with the season expected to last until at least September.

The British chillies have been grown in various UK locations including Bedfordshire, Jersey and West Sussex with one of the growers being UK company Barfoot’s Cropping. The high sunshine levels and low rainfall in these areas make them ideal locations for the glasshouse growing. The farm work with Sainsbury’s to produce varietals such as Serenade, Fresno, Jalapeno and Breva, and also supplies the retailer with Scotch Bonnets (scoville heat 100,000 – 350,000), which are also all currently British in stores.

British chillies are available from Sainsbury’s between May and November and are 100% UK grown on the following products from July:
  • Sainsbury’s Red Chillies 60g
  • Sainsbury’s Mixed Chillies 50g
  • Sainsbury’s Green Chillies 50g
Thomas Lapraik, from Barfoot’s says, "We’ve been working with Sainsbury’s for 8 years and are pleased to be able to offer customers 100% home-grown Red, Green & Scotch Bonnet chillies in stores. My favourite chilli is the Breva variety. It has a lovely shape with just the right amount of flavour kick that is user friendly in the kitchen”.

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