Mucci Farms is only days away from their first harvest of lettuce from their brand new greenhouse in Ontario.

The Naked Leaf living lettuce is hydroponically grown and then harvested with the roots still intact. "Naked Leaf is alive and growing when purchased. This is an added value for both retailer and consumer with their longer shelf life, greater freshness, flavour and leaf colour than those on regular lettuce heads," explains Emily Murracas from Mucci Farms.

The roots rest in a soil plug/small plastic cup. "This process provides a lifeline with continued nourishment from our greenhouse. Consumers will have the benefit of crisp, vitamin-packed fresh leaves for longer."

Emiliy described the Naked Leaf - Green Butter Head variety as one with a delicate crisp, mild sweet flavour. Naked Leaf living lettuce will be available in a variety of pack sizes: Single, double clamshells as well as individual sleeve with handle. Retail ready displays will also be available.

Ontario Grown Naked Leaf, living herbs – Basil, Watercress, and Arugula also coming soon (available in 2oz and 4 oz sleeves).

For more information:
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Emily Murracas
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