Sakata Seed America recently unveiled a new variety of cantaloupe. Bred through traditional breeding practices, Infinite Gold LSL (Long Shelf Life) melon offers long shelf life, high-yield potential and infinite flavor, according to the company.

“The melon is highly valued for its holding ability in the field, allowing more flexibility when it comes to harvest, long-distance transportation and prolonged freshness on the retailer’s shelf, in the professional chef’s kitchen and on the consumer’s counter. Infinite Gold is the next big thing in cantaloupes, where strong performance meets great fruit quality,” stated Gattis Guffey, Senior Melon Product Development Manager at Sakata. “Infinite Gold delivers durability, yield and flavor, which means growers and suppliers no longer have to sacrifice one for the other.”

The long shelf life characteristics of Infinite Gold help to provide growers with some flexibility in harvest timing based on weather, market prices or the availability of labor. They can be harvested in as little as two to three trips. Fewer passes save money on fertilizer, use less water and require fewer people and machines, also reducing the risk of contamination and minimizing food safety hazards.

Typically, developing an LSL melon had to come at the cost of overall flavor, but not anymore. Infinite Gold offers the rich flavor and deep coloring that consumers love, creating the perfect balance between melony, musky, sweet and floral. In fact, the flavor of Infinite Gold has ranked higher than the leading competition in flavor, texture, aroma and overall quality in two separate third party research studies.

“What we have done is develop a premium melon that provides benefits at all levels of the supply chain,” said Guffey. “Not only do growers experience the benefits, but packers, shippers, foodservice distributors, processors, retailers and consumers all reap the rewards. At Sakata, we believe in Infinite Gold and we’re committed to educating all levels of the industry and the consumer about its amazing benefits.

Sakata invites PMA Foodservice attendees to come taste the Infinite Gold difference for themselves. The company will serve Infinite Gold Margaritas and appetizers made with the melon during the Networking Lounge and Education Center Happy Hour on Friday, July 24 at 3:00 p.m. in the Monterey Marriott.

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