Mark Bernard's topic was to discuss the responses of cover crops to herbicides at the 2015 Western Illinois University Agronomy Day.

It was the structure behind the livestock barn at the WIU farm that shared the spotlight.

“We were able to get our spring classes to utilize both greenhouses this past semester,” said Andy Baker, director of the WIU School of Agriculture.

Photo: Mark Bernards (left), assistant professor of agronomy at Western Illinois University, directs his audience’s attention to the ventilation system in one of two new WIU teaching and research greenhouses.

Baker spoke before Bernards gave his presentation and updated the audience on the progress of the greenhouses. WIU opened one teaching and one research greenhouse this past spring.

“Our students finally got to get in the greenhouse this spring semester and really enjoyed that experience,” Baker said.

He said another boost to the department was an increase in ag department students presenting research.

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