Energy is still a significant cost. Because of the poorer net yields of CHP, energy costs are increasing again. Sustainability, in the form of low power consumption and CO2 footprint, could be used to make Dutch produce more distinctive on the market. Reason enough to pay close attention to energy efficiency. Experience with the "New Cultivation" indicates that substantial savings can be possible on energy consumption. According to Wageningen UR, a closer look at the method and more experience is needed to make the Dutch industry stronger.

Controlling humidity
By focusing the attention on the control of humidity, the issue of increased screen use is dealt with. Today, many tomato growers are experimenting with double screens. And by bringing in outside air, aimed at controlling the humidity, disease pressure is minimized.

New Cultivation must be learned in practice. The project monitoring contributes to the understanding of humidity and screen issues. As a result, horticulture will be less energy-dependent.

Source: WageningenUR