All over the world consumers want to learn more about where their food is coming from. Many farmers and growers felt this awareness and realize that they should tell consumers about the good practices that are being conducted during the production of their food. Finnish grower Puutarhuri Yli-Nikula also felt the urge to show consumers how their lettuce is being grown and he installed a hydroponic demo greenhouse unit with Valoya LEDs at a large Finnish grocery store. The end-users could get an idea of the production process – local food, food safety, production process and how the growers achieve the right quality.

Since 1951, Puutarhuri Yli-Nikula has been growing Leafy greens and greenhouse vegetables. Their operations include high efficient greenhouses that include artificial light.The harvest from Puutarhuri Yli-Nikula is marketed at large grocery stores in Finland. The demo greenhouse with the Valoya lights was installed at K-citymarket Länsikeskus, a big grocery store in Turku.

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