Hamilton Gardens has joined the ranks of the haka, the iconic Milford Track and stunning Fiordland as reasons why New Zealand is the world’s best country to visit, according to an influential British newspaper.

The Telegraph named Hamilton Gardens as one of 26 reasons why New Zealand is the world’s top travel destination.

Its “beautiful” and “glorious” gardens had Telegraph writer Tim Jepson waxing lyrical. He compared New Zealand to Britain as having a nation of gardeners, with gardens to prove it.

From a humble rubbish dump more than 50 years ago, to being voted 2014 International Garden of the Year by the International Garden Tourism Network, Hamilton Gardens has become the Waikato’s most visited tourist destination.

"The theme of Hamilton Gardens...is the ‘story of gardens’, with everything from a traditional herb garden to a Modernist Garden,” Jepson says. “There are 1,400 events here annually, plus seasonal attractions such as roses, camellias, magnolias, herbaceous borders and displays of annuals in the Victorian Flower Garden."

Hamilton Gardens Director Peter Sergel hopes the Telegraph’s glowing praise will stimulate more interest in the gardens.

“The Telegraph is an influential newspaper, and having this sort of positive coverage in a large market like United Kingdom is an excellent result for us.”

The Telegraph is one of Britain’s most respected newspapers, with an average circulation of 400,000 physical copies per day. Its online presence is also significant, with more than 70 million viewers looking over its content via the internet or digital apps.

And soon there will be one more reason to visit Hamilton Gardens. Filled with mythical beasts, an intricate knot garden and a pavilion overlooking the Waikato River – the Tudor Garden will open on 29 January 2015. This traditional garden reflects the fascination sixteenth century English aristocracy had with geometric patterns and symbolism with double meanings.

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