The project of Geert Leffers in China is well on its way. Geert was so kind to send us some pictures to give us an update.

Leffers is building a greenhouse project consisting of 5 hectares in Daxing China. The project has plans to grow to 60 hectares, and Geert is building it by himself with the help of locals. In most cases, greenhouse builders are using experienced supervisors or staff, but in this case Leffers works with a team of strictly locals. He is not being stopped by language barriers and frequent financial disruptions.

At this moment there is a lot of welding being done; Geert and his team are currently welding the heating pipes.

The CO2 distribution system is also finished and completely installed

Besides Co2, also the irrigation tubing and condense water drain pipes are installed

The terrain outside is also looking good. The asphalt is finished and the lighting is completed. As well as this the warehouse is finished.

Geert Leffers.

Geert told us that the project is well on its way, but everything takes a lot of time. "It will still take a while before we will actually have some crops growing inside."

You can still wish Geert Leffers success by sending him an e-mail: