At the Horticulture Business Days in Venray, Menachem Dinar, Paskal Systems gave a presentation on the Growth Analysis System. The system monitors plant growth in the entire greenhouse. In a nutshell, it’s a series of units that the grower can place systematically throughout the greenhouse, each in turn holding one or two tomato plants. Each device has a small radio that transmits the weight of the plant to the "base system" every 20 minutes. Other data - like temperature, light, moisture levels, etc. - will also be transmitted to the server. This way, the grower can see exactly how plants are doing, and if growth is consistent throughout the nursery.

The system involves various units suspended throughout the greenhouse

The big advantage is of course that the grower, at an early stage, can see where growth is disrupted (if at all). Better yet, the system warns him of problems long before these can be seen with the naked eye. By transfiguring data into systematic graphs, possible issues become more apparent. For example, the grower can now see if the temperature must be adjusted, the water supply increased or if extra ventilation is required.

Timely intervention, needless to say, can save a lot of money. Growth issues can be addressed immediately, and detailed information on overall performance allows for insight into possible savings on energy or raw materials.

So far, the system seems to prove its applicability, especially in the tomato sector. It might, however, also lead to savings in other crops, such as cucumbers.

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