The saladette tomato is the most grown tomato type in Mexico's mid tech greenhouse industry. This year, Seminis introduces a new variety for this segment: the SV4401TJ.

The SV4401TJ on display at the mid tech greenhouse of Seminis at the Expo AgroAlimentaria in Iraputo, Mexico, last month.

According to Eduardo Salcedo of Seminis Mexico, the variety has been received well by the Mexican growers. "A lot of the growers over here demand a variety that has a good vigor. This variety has an enormous amount of power that can be translated into a high production. Also the quality of the fruits is very nice, and as you can see, the sizes of the tomatoes are very uniform. Combined with the very good shelf life, the variety will play a key role in Mexico's mid tech tomato cultivation this coming season."

Seminis experts at the mid tech trial greenhouse in Irapuato.

Quality throughout the entire season

Salcedo estimated that mid tech growers can achieve up to 15% more production with SV4401TJ, compared to the currently offered varieties from the competition.

"The potential of this new variety is incredible. Especially the uniform fruits during the entire season is a big win for many growers; they can now harvest 15 clusters that have a very uniform quality."

The SV4401TJ is resistant to TYLCV.

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