For many years now, the Israeli company Pelemix has been an important player on the market for coir-cocopeat substrates for hydroponics growers and nurseries. Also in Mexico, Pelemix sales have increased over the past years. The main drive behind this push is the extensive knowledge and support of Peter Wiener, Pelemix product manager in Mexico. We spoke with him at the 2014 Expo AgroAlimentaria Guanajuato in Irapuato last month.

Peter Wiener of Pelemix (left) in conversation with customers at the Expo AgroAlimentaria in Mexico.

Pelemix produces a number of different substrate mixes for the Mexican market. Peter explained to us that the Mexican growers know to find them for a special mix that is completely adapted to their growing habits and knowhow levels. As well as this, Pelemix offers a number of standard mixes that are designed especially for certain growing conditions technologies and climates.

“We are active locally on a daily basis in different territories in the Mexican market. This local presence gives us the option to give the right solutions on time to different types of growers and levels of growing technologies", Peter says.

Pelemix seminar on the use of substrates in greenhouse horticulture

Pelemix has different mixes that can provide solutions for different types of growing. Wiener highlighted the following:

  • Universal, which is a standard mix for hot climate regions.
  • PLF and Hydro Pro; which provides better drainage capabilities and was designed for greenhouses equipped with medium and high level technology

Seed breeder Hazera's Mexican trial crop on Pelemix substrate

Pelemix manufactures 100% of its products in their own factories in Sri Lanka and in India. It is also the only firm with both the ISO-9001 and SGS certifications, ensuring the highest quality standards uniformity and consistency. Pelemix products for the hydroponics sector are OMRI certified as well.

"We use the highest and newest production technologies in order to insure the end user gets the best mixed and most uniform material. You can not underestimate the effect of this; consistent and uniform substrate will help and make the grower decisions much easier to handle the crop and will have the same effect inside the entire greenhouse. So a grower can steer the crop very precisely in order to achieve the best results and highest crop qualities.”

For more information:
Peter Wiener -sales and operation manager - Mexico