The Australian horticulture sector is heading in a new direction following the Minister for Agriculture’s declaration of Horticulture Innovation Australia (HIA) Limited as the new industry services body for horticulture.

HIA Chairman Selwyn Snell said it was an exciting time for Australian horticulture growers, and that he was looking forward to working with them towards a more sustainable and profitable future for the sector.

"I am delighted that HIA’s Statutory Funding Agreement and Constitution have been finalised and Parliament has made the official declaration of HIA as the industry services body," Mr Snell Said. "This declaration represents the first major step forward for the new company.

"HIA will work in partnership with Australia’s horticulture industries to invest more than $100 million in research, development and marketing programs that provide benefit to industry and the wider community. Through this partnership, the horticulture sector can access Commonwealth funding through HIA for research and development activities."

According to HIA CEO John Lloyd, HIA is now in a position to begin establishing a robust membership base that is representative of the full spectrum of Australian horticulture industries across all growing regions.

"With HIA being a grower-owned company, establishing a grower registry to communicate to our members is a key priority moving forward," Mr Lloyd said.

"There are many benefits in becoming a member, including the opportunity for growers to have a say in the leadership and future direction of Australia’s new horticulture RDC.

"Members will also be invited to attend information forums, field days and workshops held around the country."

The new HIA Board of Directors, which was announced by the Minister for Agriculture in October, will meet in early December to begin setting the strategy for the new RDC.

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