On behalf of Strawberry Nursery Richard and Annet Kalter, Cogas Tech has started expanding the heat distribution of geothermal cluster Koekoekspolder. Cogas Tech takes care of the heating, the electrical and control engineering. The work consists of an underground branch on the return pipe of the heat network, placing a heat supply station at Luma Zaden and integrating the heating systems at Luma and Kalter.

Richard and Annet Kalter have a strawberry production site and LUMA Zaden specializes in growing organic vegetable seeds. Both horticultural companies benefit from return water from the geothermal cluster, which is largely sufficient for their needs.

The additional cooling back of the return water gives a yield improvement of the geothermal cluster, and as such the project represents another step in the sustainability of horticulture. The geothermal source in Koekoekspolder at IJsselmuiden has been in use since 2012. This geothermal energy source already supplies heat to three businesses.

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