Rocket Farms is introducing a new product line, Plants for Living, which started shipping November 15th. Plants for Living begins with a fresh, new approach to living culinary herbs that is designed to change the way we think about and enjoy fresh herbs.

Fresh, flavourful and healthy, Plants for Living highlights the convenience, freshness and aromatics of Rocket Farms potted herbs as well as the unique flavour profiles they offer as flavour condiments. Rocket Farms will also educate consumers on the nutrition and wellness aspects of fresh, potted herbs: aromatherapy and homeopathic applications along with the health benefits of antioxidants and vitamins.

Plants for Living indoor culinary herbs includes a seasonal assortment of seven fresh, flavourful, healthy herbs: thyme, oregano, rosemary, basil, mint, sage and parsley. The indoor culinary herbs are 100% USDA organic and can be found in cool, unique packaging.

New programs within the Plants for Living line will be introduced within the next year.

Rocket Farms has ten greenhouse growing facilities in beautiful Northern California are spread throughout Half Moon Bay and the Salinas Valley, offering ideal growing conditions for its products. Rocket Farms grows and supplies unique, premium quality indoor potted blooming and foliage plants as well as a full range of edible herbs, fruits and vegetables.

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