As more and more English supermarket chains require their providers to supply a minimum percentage of peat-free plants, England continues to look for alternative substrates. Coir used to be too expensive because of the high transport costs, as it had to be delivered loose, but since Logitec Plus BV developed the Coco Mill, which allows for compressed coir to be loosened without affecting the structure, coir has become a very interesting alternative.

By supplying the coir in compressed blocks, a lot more of the substrate fits in a container. "The Coco Mill is specially designed for loosening compacted coir blocks," says Mark van der Zande, International Sales Manager at Logitec Plus. "Since only water needs to be added, the structure remains intact, and the original volume before pressing is retrieved."
At Arden Lea Nurseries, in the English city of Preston, the Coco Mill was installed a few months ago. Nick Taylor of Arden Lea Nursersies: "We have only been using the machine for trials up to now. The full production starts in February. Certainly the trials have looked good with regard to both the machines ability to turn a compressed block into a substrate. We can grow in and also the plants seem to like it."

Besides the Coco Mill, Logitec Plus also has a machine for automatically processing Big-bales and mobile installations for mixing raw materials and additives. "We, at Logitec Plus, are certainly not just focused on coir. For example, it is becoming increasingly frequent for coir to be mixed with peat. Our mixing lines are effective for that purpose."
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