Once again a country to add to the global map for Ultra-Clima® greenhouses: Japan. This ‘conquest’ is even more notable because growing under glass is not popular in Japan. Because of the major risks of earthquakes, Japanese growers prefer to choose plastic greenhouses.

Japan has no real horticultural tradition. The companies which do exist are not large. Although the Japanese love technology in other areas, in our eyes their horticulture is outdated. This is why the country opts mainly for imports from the US, Canada and its neighbour South Korea. 

It’s not only because of the risks of earthquakes that Japan is a difficult market for greenhouse builders. The Japanese economy is also fairly protectionist by nature. That it nevertheless now has a Western European greenhouse, an Ultra-Clima® at that, could be a trigger for more Japanese growers to modernise. KUBO has realised the greenhouse in collaboration with Dayzen, a local partner taking care of the foundation and installations. Tomatoes will be produced, mainly for a manufacturer that processes tomatoes. And as far as earthquakes are concerned: in KUBO’s new W4 cover the glass is mounted in rubber on four sides, so it can certainly cope with a jolt. 

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