Reduce energy costs by 50%
You have the potential to reduce the energy consumption in your operation up to 50%. By maximizing the amount of light across a growing surface, we help save energy from minimizing light loss and can increase yields by putting more photons of light where they matter most - your plants.

Optimized light to grow crops that look better, taste better and last longer
Heliospectra’s patented lighting system allows you to grow plants that look and taste better, have a longer shelf life and increase the overall yield of your operation.

The LX60 enhances the utility of your growing area. At Heliospectra, we have ­developed lighting solutions for a variety of growth regimes that improve the quality of specific plants.

Intelligently adapt lighting to the needs of plants
Built-in Wifi and Ethernet for remote monitoring and control. Open API for programming and integrating to third party systems. Individual wavelength intensity adjustments through the online control interface.

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