The FloraHolland Trade Fair in Aalsmeer, the international trade fair for the floriculture sector, was characterized this year by much inspiration, many new products, a good atmosphere and lots of contact between visitors and exhibitors.

Over 14,000 visitors attended, which is comparable to last year's turnout. Approximately 750 exhibitors presented their company and products, including around 460 plant growers, 180 flower growers, 50 breeders and another 50 standholders presenting products with 'added value'. All the participants exhibited the full three days of the Trade Fair, which covered an area of 22,000 m2.

Making and maintaining contact

Both the visitors and exhibitors were enthusiastic about the positive atmosphere at the Trade Fair. Exporters, wholesalers and the retail trade visited the fair to make and maintain contacts. In addition, they indicated that they were very inspired by the presentations of the exhibitors. The exhibitors were also very enthusiastic about the Trade Fair. For them it was an opportunity to introduce new types, concepts and all kinds of other new developments. In comparison to last year, there were more stands of several growers working together, resulting in impressive stands that drew many visitors. At the center of the fair was The Village with the theme 'Delivering Happiness'. With the focus on consumers, The Village presented how they will buy their flowers and plants in the future. The visitors were all very positive after having heard, seen and experienced the story behind The Village, which was presented to them by staff.

Increasingly higher level of stands

The Best Stand Awards were presented in three categories during the Trade Fair Café at the end of the fair day on Thursday 6 November. The general impression of the jury was that the level of the stands is higher every year. Chair Inger van IJzeren: "The products are the focus and the message is clear. Nominating the candidates was difficult, let alone choosing the winners." CyMoreFlavour won first prize in the first category, Cut Flowers. The award for Plant Growers was presented to Kwekerij Vreugdenberg. Last but not least, the stand of Schreurs Holland was declared the winner in the Breeders category. Jos van den Berg of Kwekerij Vreugdenberg: "I was honored just to be nominated." It was the intention of the Kalanchoe grower to promote his white novelty Bella Vianca "Straight from the production line!" to his customers in the best possible way. His styling advisor came up with the idea of creating a bridal theme at the stand.

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