Plantbid is touted as a revolutionary new tool that allows plant buyers to purchase their whole plant list at one time, from growers who provide their complete availability online. According to the company, this new offering could change the way growers and landscapers do business.

Plantbid will ideally help nurseries find new customers and sell more product, with no listing cost or commitment. It offers new ways to work with customers. In addition to giving loyal customer discounts, a new Photo App allows nurseries to upload photos to their inventory management page and send them directly to customers via smartphone.

With an online database of plants at more than 250 nurseries nationwide, Plantbid says buyers can save time and money when locating and buying their plant materials in one place. The company’s Search tool is a simple but powerful technology that delivers exact job specifications in under 10 seconds. Plantbid also offers a Request for Proposal tool and a Quote tool, to create an easy, affordable purchasing solution.

How Plantbid works
  • Nurseries nationwide provide Plantbid with their full and updated inventories
  • Buyers choose to search nurseries’ plant lists via Plantbid’s Search tool or using the Request for Proposal tool
  • Based on a buyer’s job site location, Plantbid digs through the nursery data and matches a plant list with several purchasing options
  • Buyers maintain personal contact with plant sourcing vendors, but have more choices and nursery options

Go to the Plantbid website for a demonstration, and for more information.