Finding and realizing opportunity in the horticulture industry is the focus for the 2015 Farwest Trade Show, August 27-29, 2015, in Portland, Ore. Award-winning marketing and customer service expert Ron Rosenberg will bring his brand of business and professional development to Farwest to help growers, retailers, landscapers, wholesale buyers and suppliers discover hidden opportunities and then take action for positive outcomes.

Rosenberg’s free keynote address – Must be Present to Win: The Secret to Finding the Opportunities in Business and Life that Other People Miss! – on Thursday, August 27, will highlight specific strategies for tangible results. His program will focus on recognizing and creating valuable opportunities, developing efficient marketing initiatives for improved and measurable results, rekindling potential and inspiring passion.

“The timing is perfect for Ron’s real-world message of opportunity and action,” says Allan Niemi, Director of Events and Education at the Oregon Association of Nurseries, producers of the Farwest Trade Show. “Farwest provides the information
and ideas to help the industry thrive. The industry is on the rebound from the recession. Rosenberg’s keynote address will accelerate its momentum and unleash the power of its potential.”

Rosenberg’s presentations are recognized nationally for their blend of solid business strategies and step-by-step approaches.
His riveting, interactive style incorporates innovative learning tools to drive home key points and create memorable experiences. Rosenberg is noted for applying his expertise to industry specific audiences. He will share his take on opportunities and challenges the horticulture industry is facing.

In addition to Rosenberg’s keynote address, he will host a webinar for Farwest exhibitors titled How to Turn Your Trade Show Booth into an ATM. He will also conduct two seminar sessions during the Show. How to Dominate Your Market
Niche studies an effective approach to marketing that doubles and triples return on marketing dollars invested. Beyond Time Management: How to Get Twice the Work Done in Half the Time develops proven strategies to focus on what
we do best and learn how to eliminate, automate, or outsource everything else.

Rosenberg is founder and owner of Quality Talk, based in North Carolina. He presents to businesses and associations all over the world, is a winner of the prestigious International Marketer of the Year award, and authored Double Your Memory in 90 Minutes and Breaking Out of the Change Trap.
“Ron’s participation will set the stage for an inspiring Farwest,” states Niemi. “It promises to be another year of growth for the industry and Farwest will be in the thick of it as we round out the Show with the best in education, exhibits, networking, and knowledge and idea-based experiences.”

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