Currently, many greenhouses are (temporarily) empty; a time when maintenance is often minimal; yet, the maintenance of empty greenhouses is very important, as well-maintained greenhouse facilities retain their value and remain insured as under normal conditions. Interpolis Agro provides tips to reduce the risk of damage to your business and to avoid drops in value. 

Our maintenance tips:
  • Leave your entire heating system untouched.
  • Calculate the capacity of the gas contract that you need; that way you can keep your greenhouse frost-free in winter and reduce the impact of snow.
  • Maintain your equipment.
  • Place fertigation units in clean water; allow pumps to run regularly.
  • Cover sorting lines with plastic and allow the CHP and monitoring equipment to be preserved by the supplier.
  • Leave the climate computer connected.
  • Adjust the settings for the empty greenhouse. This way, the ventilation can still run in case of a sudden storm and you receive an alert in case the temperature drops below frost levels.
  • Create the feelings that your greenhouse is operating. Close the facade screen or apply a layer of plaster on facades that are visible from the street.
  • This way, you reduce the chances of vandalism.
  • Check the greenhouse's windows every month.
  • Repair broken windows as quickly as possible.
  • Remove the old crops.
  • Dried crops increase the risk of fire.
  • Place approved extinguishers at the entrance.
  • Report the empty status to your insurer.

More information?

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