The proliferation of Drosophila Suzukii on soft fruit (raspberry, blueberry), strawberry and stone fruit (cherry, peach, apricot, plum) crops is currently one of the main worries for producers in different areas of the world. The insect reproduces so quickly that phytosanitary measures are not enough, as the latency period required by regulations makes them useless. For this reason, a physical barrier such as a net is essential to contain insect proliferation.

Arrigoni S.p.A.., an Italian leader in the production of anti-insect netting, collected information and compared its experience with that of Italian and foreign research institutes.

The tests made with adult Drosophila Suzukii specimens enabled the creation of Biorete 25 Mesh.

Biorete 25 Mesh is obtained by weaving UV-ray stabilised HDPE threads and it has holes with a diameter of 0,77x1,02 mm. Thanks to the ARLENE (high-resistance thread) and AIR PLUS (increased air circulation) technologies, it guarantees the perfect insect barrier/air circulation combination.

Installation - be it on open fields or protected crops - plays an important role, as all the possible openings must be closed so insects cannot pass. Nets must be lowered before fruit ripens and anyway before insects start to fly, leaving plants uncovered only during blossoming to facilitate pollination.

Biorete 25 Mesh will be displayed at EIMA 2014 together with the entire range of Arrigoni products. Patrizia Giuliani (export manager), Giuseppe Netti (agronomist) and Aldo Maggi (agricultural sector manager for Italy) will welcome guests at stand B3 in pavilion 34.

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