The application of energy screens is rapidly increasing in greenhouses. One of the principles of the 'Next Generation Cultivation' (research on energy efficient cultivation techniques) is to avoid the use of humidity slits. Humidity is carried off preferably by ventilation above a completely closed energy screen.

This however, leads to large differences in the measured values of temperature and humidity above the screen compared to the measured values in the greenhouse. Growers need to take this into account when opening the screen to prevent plants from cooling off. The iSii software includes a specific climate control that takes the temperature difference above and under the screen into consideration to decide the best moment for opening the screen. That is why more and more growers are working with an aspirator box above the screen.

Even in greenhouses with multiple departments one aspirator box above the screen is often sufficient. The general experience is that such a small investment pays off: optimized growing conditions for the crops and saves you time as the settings for screen controls do not need to be adjusted when weather conditions change.

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