Lidersan, a company member of the Altunkaya Group, is the first Turkish company using the Agrifast Tom System. The Altunkaya group was established in 1980 to operate in the sectors of transportation and food. In 2006 Lidersan Saglik was established and nowadays it is an important trademark in Europe and Middle East markets.

Located in Sanliurfa, a south-eastern city in Turkey, Lidersan owns a 10 hectare state of the art greenhouse, 7 meters high and equipped with the last techniques and innovations.

Sarp Dag, manager of Lidersan explains: “we like to invest in technology because we think it is crucial to grow a high quality product. We have customers in Holland, which is the most competitive market in Europe, and therefore it is a must to produce a high quality product”.

Lidersan uses geothermal energy for heating the greenhouse, so it is possible to produce tomatoes in winter time, when there is not much produce in Northern Europe. “In spring and summer time we sell more in the local Turkish market, when the demand of our Dutch clients reduces due to the start of the season in Holland”, explains Mr. Dag.

Agrifast and Erimpeks companies visited Lidersan to follow up the use of the Tom System.

He and the production manager Mr. Sinasi Oncu like to travel to Holland to be in touch with the last developments in technology in the greenhouse world, so in one of this travel he had the opportunity to learn about the Tom System.

“Before, we used to twist the plants along the twine, but this is not an easy task. There is a big risk of breaking the head of the plant, and therefore reducing the harvest. With the Tom System, we see this advantage, as we do not break the head anymore. Besides, the clipping process is faster than twisting“ states Mr. Oncu.

Lidersan Tom System team. 7 people clipping 10 hectares of greenhouse.

When Agrifast was informed about the interest of Lidersan, they contacted with Erimpeks, exclusive distributor of Agrifast for Turkey.

Memed Eroglu, manager of Erimpeks, has been working with Agrifast for several years, more focused in other fastening products of Agrifast, mainly for the vineyard market. “When I had notice about the Tom System, I realized quickly the potential of the product, as it was a completely new product for a new market, as it is the greenhouse sector.”

The 10 hectare greenhouse of Lidersan is one of the most high tech in Turkey.

Esteban Konyay, manager of Agrifast, confirms the possibilities of the Tom System in Turkey: “For us it is a very important potential market, and to start working with Lidersan, one of the best tomato producers in Turkey, it is a great opportunity for us, as a reference in the country.”

Clipping in a weekly basis the tomato plants with the Tom System.

Lidersan is using 7 Agrifast Tom System tools to tie weekly its 230.000 tomato plants. “The crop looks great so I am sure they will have a great harvest time”, explains Tom System product manager Alberto Lizarraga. “Now we just need a good price for our produce!”, adds Mr. Sarp Dag.

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